10 Surefire Ways to Boost Traffic from LinkedIn

10 Surefire Ways to Boost Traffic from LinkedIn

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Social media networking is a great way to build links that grow your business. LinkedIn is a fast growing social network that can be used as an amazing tool to popularize your blog. It is a powerful social networking site that helps you to generate leads and traffic. Here is list of steps to use LinkedIn to drive traffic to your blog.

1. Profile

If you are serious enough to build links and relationship using LinkedIn, then your profile should be complete and search engine optimized one. No one is interested in weak profile. Make sure to make your profile a robust, search engine optimized profile. Then only, people who read your profile will click on to the links to your blog. Ensure to include your good photo.

It is important to complete your profile 100%. Another important reason for making your LinkedIn profile compelling and value driven is that if someone were to Google your name, the first thing that pop up is your LinkedIn profile. You can check your profile’s position by Goggle your name. Make sure your profile tots at least 5 glowing recommendations from others. Link your blog, twitter account and your business in your profile.

Your LinkedIn profile should not be like a chronological resume. It should expose your strengths and the most relevant information to help you reach your goals. It should be a authoritative source

2. Connections

 Connections play vital role in link building using LinkedIn. The more connection you have, the more people will have access to your profile which in turn boosts traffic to your blog. For building your network, first find people you know and send them a connection request via LinkedIn. Whatever you do on LinkedIn like updating profile, joining a group, recommending someone, these appear on the homepage of your connections.

3. Questions

 Asking questions using LinkedIn Answers is a great way to build credibility. Be active and ask questions and answer questions. Ensure to ask excellent questions. Answering questions is the best way to showcase your expertise in your niche. This helps you to get featured expert. When you are a featured expert, people become more aware of your profile.

4. Customization of links

Instead of using website links like My Blog, My Company customize your website link with your name and your company name. So, replace ‘My Bog’ with your blog name and ‘ my company’ with your company name. This will helps the people to know what your blog is about and tell them what they will actually view when they click on the link.

5. Updating status regularly

If you want LinkedIn to work for you, you have to work LinkedIn. Yes, constant updating your status is vital. You should provide value information to your connections. Share worthy, industry related article, news, blog post etc. Your status update is the first thing that pops up the home profile for all of your connections. Sharing updates regularly helps to pull traffic to your blog.

6. Comment on Updates

LinkedIn is a connecting social media platform. So, respond to updates from others showing you are noticing them. Everyone loves to be noticed.

7. Groups

Building credibility is one of the main goals of social networking. Credibility is not reflected by the number of connections you have alone. It lies in your participation on the social network. Groups help to build your credibility. Join groups related to your niche.

By joining groups where your target audience will be found is a great way to drive these people to your blog easily. You can even build your own group. Ensure to take full advantage of group membership. Every time you create a new discussion topic in a group, it shows up on the home page of every member of the group. Groups give you opportunity to meet new people who share your interests. . You can also invite discussion participants to connect with you.

8. LinkedIn Apps

Employing LinkedIn apps helps to better explain what you do. You can use PowerPoint presentation, slideshow, wordpress app. Adding the blog application to your profile is a way to give your profile a sneak of what they will read on your blog. You can add apps by going to the ‘Application’ page.

9. Adding RSS Feed to group

Each group allows you to add your own RSS feed or website link so it will automatically update the group every time you post a new article on your blog. This helps to boost traffic to your blog.

10. Personalized Messages

The best way to make a sale is sending personalized messages. Once, you find the lead, ensure to connect with them as many personal level as possible. Personal messages help to draw potential.

Following these tips, you can easily drive traffic to your blog.

Rajkumar Jonnala is an expert blogger and shows great deal of interest in building up blogs with good PR in a shorter time frame. He has a vast experience blogging writes about cable floor cover and cable cover. He loves to share tips and information in his blogs.
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