How to Choose a Niche Topic for your Blog

How to Choose a Niche Topic for your Blog

In the recent times when computers rule our lives, how can we deny the role of internet in being our most resourceful and economical knowledge bank? Thus, in this regard, mention must be made of bloggers and blog writing. The blog is not an ordinary piece of writing. Rather, it is a piece of information that has been properly studied before publishing and becomes a part of a website that gets upgraded regularly to keep the readers up to date with the latest information on the subject they are searching for. These blogs are digital communities that allow writers or bloggers skilled in a particular topic to write for them. Thus, it is quite evident that a great deal of success of the blogs lies on the shoulders of the blogger or the bloggers working for it. Hence, it is also vital for the blogger to understand what to write and how to write so that more and more readers get attracted to that particular blog. Here are a few expert tips on how to choose a niche topic for your blog.

Identify your topic of interest

Although it might sound a bit odd as the whole intention of a blogger is to provide an interesting piece of reading for its readers, but it is also true that a professional blogger can only be successful if he or she writes on topics that interest him or herself. Unless and until you find a topic interesting for yourself, you can never produce an article that will be engrossed for your readers too. In order to select your own area of interest ask yourself a simple question, whether you will be able to produce numerous articles on that particular topic ten years down the line. If your answer is yes, then go for the topic and your blog will be surely successful one day.

Find if the topic is popular

If you want to establish yourself as a professional blogger or earn your blog popularity and fame, then another very important consideration that you must take into account is that the topic or subject you wish to write on is popular enough or not. There are millions of subjects in this world on which you can write and hundreds of subjects too that might be included in your area of interest. However, selecting the most popular one among them is the key to successful blogging. A topic that might interest you very much must be extremely bizarre and attract a handful of readers only. However, that will never be able to earn your blog the much-needed popularity.

Analyze and think what people might search for

Before writing on a particular topic, try to find out whether it will be in demand in that current situation or it has already become stale news. For instance, you might have done a lot of research on the relationship status of a popular Hollywood actress with her boyfriend and written down a substantial and interesting piece. However, that might fail to attract as many reader’s attention as you have presumed. The simple reason behind this is that the story is no longer in the news as the actress might probably have had a breakup by now. Therefore, your toil will go in vain. On the other hand, do a simple trick. Place yourself in the shoes of the common readers and think what you have searched in the net at the present scenario. The answer you get will be the conclusion of your confusion.

Analyze the sphere of competition

It is extremely important to search and find out the most popular topic to write on. However, at the same time, it is equally important to realize that the topic with the topmost level of popularity will have many competitions as well and each blogger will try to write loads of articles on that topic to come to instant limelight. If you follow their footsteps then your blog might just go unnoticed amidst the congestion of articles on similar subjects. Be very wise to concentrate on a topic that is second in the level of priority. This way, your articles might have better chances of being read and your blog being visited more often. It is always better to become a big fish in a small pond rather than a small fish among many such in a big pond.

Concentrate on the content of your blog

Before you start writing on a topic and wish for writing more, you need to analyze yourself whether you have enough content to make your article worth reading or not. Blogging is not about creative writing, it is about creating a resource bank for the readers who visit your blog. Therefore, only the passion for writing, the subject of interest and the popularity of the subject will not be able to establish yourself as a successful blogger. You need to conduct extensive study on a particular subject before finally publishing it on your blog otherwise, the readers can log in to your blog in a hope of finding substantial information on a particular subject, but lack of information might turn them down every time. If things continue this way for a longer time, your blog will earn a bad name for itself.

Create a niche clientele

A vital thing to take into account while creating and writing for a blog is that you must never intend to draw all the readers of the world to your blog. That way none of the readers will be happy as you can never expect to produce interesting and informative pieces of reading for each reader. Thus, the golden rule here to make your blog successful is to focus on a particular segment of people and concentrate on subjects that will interest them. Your readers will be happy to visit your blog repeatedly and you will be happy with the growing popularity of your blog.


With a little bit of calculation, presumption on the taste of your readers, and professional and serious approach towards your work, your blog will come into the limelight within no time if your topic selection is just what your readers want.

About the Author:

Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and lifestyle. Beside this she is fond of gizmos. These days she is busy in writing an article on sustainable design.

  • subhorup dasgupta

    What about blogs that are not niche, that are your livejournalish type of rants? Or blogs that are a mish mash of various niche areas? I am talking about my blog, since I am especially challenged to build it up without resorting to a niche. Would there be a not-niche niche for blogs like these? I see very few such blogs on the top blogs lists, and I wonder what it takes to get there.

    • William

      While it is perfectly “legal” to blog about general stuff, it’s gonna be extremely hard to gain popularity because the only thing you can distinguish yourself then is your writing style/skills. But if you are able to write really well, you’ll be noticed eventually regardless of what you’re writing about, imho. Good luck to you sir.

  • James

    I also suggest to check affiliate offers in niche that you are going too choose.

  • Tushar Agarwal

    i would love to lay my hands upon in the field of niche sites but never got too much concrete information

  • Steve


    Getting the niche topic for your blog right is essential. It is typical sales. You want to attract people that are, “buyers” if you want to make money. The best way of doing this have a narrow nd defined niche.

  • Jaison

    I believe that a blog with posts on different topics would find it really difficult to get higher ranking, thus niche blogging is always good. anyway, thanks for this wonderful post.

  • kristeen

    I’ve got a blog myself, and sometimes its really hard to keep ontopic, and get traffic. This topic made my day, thanks alot for sharing!

  • Casey02

    it is also vital for the blogger to understand what to write and how to write so that more and more readers get attracted to that particular blog. Here are a few expert tips on how to choose a niche topic for your blog.

  • balimbing56

    You want to attract people that are, “buyers” if you want to make money. The best way of doing this have a narrow and defined niche.

  • Terje Sannarnes

    Selecting a niche for a blog it is important to choose a niche, where you feel yourself professional. The main objective of a blogger is to bring value to people! Just keep in mind that if you are a real professional in your niche, you will manage to attract a lot of targeted users to a website.

  • Ahsan

    Well written Alia Haley on blogging topics. Every blogger needs to choose write topic which suitable for him & encourage the readers.

    • sai krishna

      yes , Alia writing style is very nice :)

  • Zack

    Concentrating on the content of the blog is fist and foremost. In the end you want reader to stay and return.

  • Mart

    I think if we choose a specific niche then we got to be a bit of restricted. So we should choose only those niche about which we have great knowledge.

  • Kirsty@natural herbal anxiety remedies

    I think it is important to pick a niche in which you are very knowledgeable. If you don’t, than you will either spend your time researching instead of writing, write fluffy inaccurate junk, or you won’t stay on topic, as others have already said. It’s important to pick a popular, or potentially popular niche tat you are also knowledgeable about. Otherwise it just won’t work. Thanks for the info! The clear steps and requirements are very really useful.

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      i’m too agree with you kavya :)

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    Nice and easy to understand tips. I would suggest that when writing a post it would be better to think of post that has a trend.

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