How to Approach Search Engine Optimization for Effective Ranking

How to Approach Search Engine Optimization for Effective Ranking

How effective are your search engine optimization practices?

Getting your content across multiple search engines doesn’t come easy, but it’s doable. If you follow a well structured system, you’re going to see huge success on your way to the top. As they say, there’s always room at the top.

I’ve been optimizing web pages since 2006 and often times, beginners ask me what’s the most important factor in effective ranking. Well, there is no straightforward answer to that question because ranking has several arms.

But let me simplify the entire process. So called SEO experts have made ranking processes a lot difficult with their big grammar and terms. I’m not an expert yet, but I’ve achieved tremendous success with my niche blogs.


Is SEO Complicated?

Absolutely not! You just need to understand how it works. The sole purpose of Google and other search engine companies is to provide the right information to her web users. People who search for certain keywords on Google are her prospects. Sooner or later, they would be converted to customers when they click an ad that appears at the right in the organic search results (OSRs).

In the first place, Google doesn’t care about your blog. They want more money and you want more traffic. Do you think they would do you a favor by displaying your web page to their user when the right information is missing? I don’t think so!

You’ve got to please Google for them to please you. It’s like a 2-edged sword that penetrates both parties (you and Google).


How to Please Google Search Engine

By now, you should have figured it right. The best way to please search engine is to write in their favor. Do what they ask you to do and they would send you bunch of buyer traffic every day. Don’t sit on the fence and hope that your blog would make it to the top one day; instead focus on what Google wants the most (quality keyword rich content).

Here’s the Truth: If search engine users (you and I) are not satisfied with what Google presents as search results, we would all migrate to other search engines like Bing, Yahoo or MSN. If that happens, Google will no longer be the giant of online search machines; they could go bankrupt in a few years and lay off their high paid staffs.

What do you think is the reason for the frequent Google panda updates? It’s a simple way to reshuffle web results, eliminate the bad eggs and deliver the right information to us when we search.

When we are satisfied, AdWords advertisers would get more clicks, increase in sales and Google would make more money from their Advertising business. Do you see how the whole chain works?


Why Keywords Are Still Important

Thousands of changes have taken place around the world, and search engine algorithm isn’t stable. But one thing will forever be certain; keywords would still contribute to Google’s ranking criteria.

Why is this so? It’s because, keywords give search spiders direction on what to do, where to go and what links to follow. Anchor text links are becoming stronger by the day even when quality content is the #1 key to improved ranking.


The Right Key Terms Matters

But the way I research my keywords is quite unique. There are two kinds of key terms: informational and commercial. The former is for those looking for information on how to do a particular thing while the latter is for online shoppers.

A combination of these two kinds of keywords would give you an upper hand in search engine optimization. The common rule of thumb still holds: don’t stuff your content with key phrases. Write naturally and interestingly. Add these terms few times within the body and especially on the title – you know all these, but why are you neglecting it?


SEO Marketing Takeaway

Search engine optimization principles apply to every niche you are in. You can use it to situate product name terms and rank well for them. A good example is for household brand products like sittercity coupon codes and 6pm discounts. The above strategies can boost your top 10 performances and sales.

The only litmus test left is action. Will you step out and make it happen? The choice is yours – be wise!

About the Author:

Michael Chibuzor is an SEO consultant and coach. He also reviews viable coupon and discount deals. His current project involves a coupon blog that features sittercity promo code and 6pm coupons free shipping and other popular brands to online shoppers. These sittercity coupon and 6pm discounts can help you save for your Entertainment and Health Shopping.

  • jim syyap

    I’m learning SEO by applying what I learn to my own website. It still doesn’t rank well at the moment, but I am learning a lot. I’ll get there some day. Thank you for sharing.

  • Matt Kinsella

    Link building is more important than ever and although content and optimizing pages is also important, if you don’t have quality links you won’t get traffic from Google.

    • MIchael @Blast4TrafficNow

      That’s true Matt. Link building is important but the relevancy and quality matters. Thanks for commenting.

    • Raj Mehta

      Yeh Matt u r right link building is very much important to get the search engine traffic

  • Tushar@BloggersEthics

    I like what you said about pleasing Google. Of course, if Google wont return the wanted results, we wont use it in any case.
    thanks for the share

  • Praveen

    I guess, after Google Panda content is more important than SEO.

    Sites were on the top in Google search by SEO suffered a big traffic downfall during panda update.

    Anyways, still SEO has a little effect :)

    • harshit @ hrmehrotra

      i agree with you as content is KING but alone king can win the battle……

  • rajneesh@ wordpress expert

    Being ahead with time , and writing which is latest helps to gain success on search engine quickly.

    If you are new and writing that is already written is very competitive.

  • Olawale Daniel

    Truly Michael, this is great and informative post. It is very simple and one shouldn’t just sit down and expect the miracle when you can make things work out for yourself as a blogger. I love your tips about link building but I still believe in content more than SEO.

    • Michael @blast4trafficnow

      Thank you Olawale for commenting. Have a great day and success in 2012

  • Shikha Singh

    I totally agree on this. Keywords are primarily important to get your website on top of the search rankings and that’s true. Selecting the right keywords is an extremely important task as any mistake will bring your whole campaign crashing down. Have a great day!

    • Michael @blast4trafficnow

      You’re most welcome Shikha. I’m glad you enjoyed the guest post. See you around!

  • Dev

    Nice Post. As Matt said Building quality links is very important. You can use web 2.0 site, blog commenting & guest posting to build quality links.

    Keep up the good work, rojish.

  • Jaison

    Great post.Half work is done if we are able to find a keyword on which we could write lot of content and is marketable.

  • matt

    Right choice of keywords will help you be able to rank high with google. Also should write articles with high trend yet low density keywords.

  • John Galt

    High Keywords are your best bet under 200k per month. Linking, bookmarking social and article creation will do the trick.

    Real Estate IDX

  • Justin Dupre

    Keyword research, quality articles and proper link building will definitely spell SEO success.

  • Felicia @ No Deposit Poker

    Many newbies initially think that SEO is very complicated. But what they must be aware of is that it takes time and trial and error when doing SEO. There are many SEO techniques available, but not everything works for one niche – some SEO strategies work great with one blog, while there are others that work perfectly well on the other. It also takes a lot of patience in learning everything there is to learn about SEO.

  • zack @ technology blog

    I really liked your idea about combining informational and commercial keywords. Will try it out thanks!

  • John Armstrong@double glazing

    Michael, I will share my personal experience with you. I was spending a huge chuck of money for Off-Page optimization services, I was working with an excellent company and they used to share the things they have been doing daily.

    Since last two months i started doing the things on my own (i come from a non-technical field) and i am happy with the things i have been doing, SEO is far less complicated than it seems, if someone like me can do it, anybody can!

    Had is started doing it last year, i would have saved some great amount of money..

    • MIchael @Blast4TrafficNow

      That’s so cool to know John. Ride on with SEO and don’t forget to keep your minds open. There is so much to learn on your way to Google’s top 10. But be motivated, once you make it to the top, it’s success all around.

  • JamesW

    Great post,SEO is very important, but if we are nor careful enough all our hard work can be lost just by changing one keyword

    • MIchael @Blast4TrafficNow

      That’s absolutely true James. We need to be careful when selecting keywords. They can make or mar our SEO efforts. Thanks for commenting and see you around.

  • Terje Sannarnes

    From my point of views, the success of search engine optimization mainly depends on three factors – keyword research, onsite optimization of a website and its pages and link building. So, the task of a SEO expert is to obtain these skills.

  • Daniel

    Quite true, Michael.

    Seo optimizing our sites and the proper keyword usage(research) add some major improvements to our sites overall performance. Quality links matter. Also, we may have links that turn sour(Go from good to bad) in the eyes of Google.

    I had a large document(Okay, I think around 60 or more pages) which was the blueprint of what Google expects of webmasters. It was very thorough, and quite a lot to get through.

    Most of the Google Algorithm changes(updates) would be based on(Around) those requirements.

    Also, if our sites are punished(Demoted in the search engine ranking results) Google will never tell you why.

  • Dave

    There are now many new things to consider with Google’s Panda update. There are old SEO techniques that can do harm now instead of raising your site’s rank. It is always good to practice white hat techniques.

  • vivek

    i think for commenting work to get good amount of visitor and increase link..

  • vishvast

    keywords are one of the most important thing on which we have to concentrate to increase our search rankings thnx for this nice post and share

  • Jesica

    Quality Link building, social bookmarking will spell SEO success in short time period.

  • rajesh

    google search engine ranking is one of the most important thing and in this keyword plays a major role to work gud

  • Dev@seo career options

    Very well said rojish effective seo is very important for getting a good PR for your blog.

  • Ginger Macdonald

    It’s funny I’d just been having a long conversation with some SEO buddies that on-page SEO has recently become significantly more important than off-page.

    We did an experiment and built a 20 page site with unique content in a HIGHLY competitive field (adult to boot!) but filled it with beautifully optimised content, images, div names – everything possible.

    2 weeks old it was position 10 for an 18,000,000 competition term – and not one single link built to it.

    On-page SEO and content is where to concentrate in the age of Panda

  • matt muji

    hello rojish.. [ask] how to get good serp on googl ?? please help im blogger newbie, thanks

  • Matt Steffen

    Great list Michael! Also, have you ever noticed the whole sub-culture of search engine “optimisation” specialists that have formed around people who spell SEO incorrectly. I run a New Jersey Marketing Company and it cracks me up how many people advertise they can do SEO, but are simply horrible at it!

  • Sonia

    SEO is the backbone of any blog or site, and one can only learn it when you will apply the methods on your site yourself as there is no shortcut towards experience. Excellent post.

  • Harry@Holiday Watchdog

    Really good post here Michael,

    I definatly agree that keywords are still very important for seo ranking , i think too many people overlook them and think theyve had their day but i definatly still see a place for them for seo ranking. I have noticed mine rise more with these relevant keywords in the meta.

  • Rohini Pujari

    Thanks for sharing. From this post i am learning lot of about SEO, and i hope its useful for my site to get high rank.

  • Shashank Sharma

    Yeah great post.. :)