– The Free Screen Sharing and Online Meetings Tool – The Free Screen Sharing and Online Meetings Tool

As a professional blogger there may be many situations where you want a client or a tech support company to connect to your computer to show how to do something, or to make changes in order to fix a problem you’re having., at its most basic level, is free, flash-enabled screen-sharing software.  It allows a Presenter to make a quick connection with a Viewer(s) to permit screen-sharing.

The basic free app makes collaboration a breeze; setting up conference calls is incredibly quick, with no sign-up required. The presenter simply heads to the site and hits the “Share” button to start their conference. The application will download and run automatically. The presenter is then given a unique URL that can be sent to everyone invited to participate in the conference. Even the URL is easy to remember and it makes perfect sense when you consider that this is a screen sharing / free conference call tool.

The most useful feature of is that you can let one participant at a time control your screen. To share control, click the mouse button and then select a viewer. You can still control your own screen.

To connect to someone’s screen, go to and then Type their 9 digit number into the join box and Press Enter.  There is no download, it just opens up in your browser. When viewing someone else’s screen is entirely reliant on only your web browser. It even supports browser zoom, so you can make it as big or small as you like within your window. review

Other features of

  • Chat – You can send private messages to specific people or can send message to all participants. This is a really useful feature.
  • Pause –  The presenter can pauses the screen in case he needs to do something on his computer the others don’t need to see
  • File Exchange –  The presenter can share a file with the group

What I don’t like about

No Recording feature – One of the benefits of having an online meeting is the ability to record the session. Unfortunately, Join.Me doesn’t offer this feature yet. But other web conferencing services like GoToMeeting (it is a paid service) allow you to record the meeting right to your desktop.

Weak security – In the free version of anybody can join any meeting. All they need is the 9 digit code to join. But in the PRO version it has a “lock” feature. When locked the viewers have to knock to enter. You can decide who can join.

Despite these few disadvantages is a very useful tool and it will make your online collaboration a lot easier. If you haven’t tried this service yet, then you should.

  • rakesh

    Hello rojish, After such a long time i have seen your own article on this website. one simple question how does this application is different with TeamVewier as this is the default application we are right now using on our computers.

    • Rojish

      I got busy with some other works and so was in a long blogging break :) Anyway I am back now. Coming to your question is like team viewer but much more user friendly and fast. One of the biggest advantage I found in over team viewer is that the viewers need not download or install any apps. They can view our screen inside their browser. For example consider a situation like this – your are explaining troubles to your hosting support staff. You can’t ask them to install team viewer on their computer (most probably they will not do that), but since completely works inside their browser and have all features of team viewer it is more suited in such situations.

      Thanks for your comment Rakesh :)

      • Praveen

        Yea, I agree… Sometimes I feel like I need team viewer to help my friend in installing team viewer! :D

        Now I can use this instead of team viewer. Thanks for sharing.

        • tires

          Haha, good one! I also feel like that quite often with a lot of my friends and relatives!


  • vishvast

    hello rojish
    nice software i was nt aware of it really going to download it thnx for the info

  • Ahsan

    It seems is similar like Team viewer. But new bloggers will definitely benefited from it

  • Brian

    Here’s another option for screen sharing, it’s pretty popular too:

    I’ve been using it lately, it’s just as good as skype. Skype strangely only has screen sharing between Mac computers.

  • Adeline

    There’s only so many features you can get for free isn’t it. nevertheless, is perfect for those one-off situations where you need to help or get help with a tech issue. Nice find.

  • Jaison

    Hi Rojish, This is something that I am surely gonna give a try. Thanks for share such different and useful information.

  • Marnie Byod sounds new to me. I want to have a try of this on how it works. There is always an advantage or disadvantage of that certain thing probably :)

  • Daniel Milstein

    That is so true, Rojish. Really grateful to you for sharing the with all of us here. One thing I learned before I became a bestselling author and long before Inc Magazine voted my company as one of the fastest growing companies is that at times these programs really help, at times you are stuck in a situation where you would want an expert to access your machine from a remote location.. I had used programs like team-viewer and few others. This one looks far better than team-viewer.

  • JamesW

    Great article, interesting tool, thanks for sharing this with us Rojish.

  • sai krishna

    thank you rojish :) its very helpful for my team

  • Gaurang@blogs,firewalls,security

    Really, its a great tool. And after a long time , post from You Rojish… :)

  • Saikrishna

    Hi bro, you just made me know an other tool which also had call service in it. Thanks for sharing. But its most similar to team viewer.

  • sarinkumar

    join me is awesome, better than team viewer. Thanks rojish for sharing. I should tweet this.

  • Pigeon Forge Cabins

    Rojish, I couldn’t agree with you more about this software, JOIN ME the free screen sharing and online meeting tool.

    My father is retired and decided one of his new pastimes is learning Windows 7. Actually, my new waste of time is supporting Windows 7….lol

    Thanks to Join Me, I can just log in and clear out his print que for the 1 millionth time this week!


  • Jack

    I didn’t know about this software. From what I’m hearing it is very useful. I will definitely give it a chance, as I often need help with my blog. Join me would make things a lot easier form me, due to your tips.

  • vivek

    Effective tool as i manage some blog in partnership it help me alot…to share something with my partner i use this tool..

  • Felicia @ No Deposit Poker

    It’s actually the first time I’ve encountered I normally use Teamviewer for screen sharing, so I guess I’ll give a try. Thanks!

  • Rashmi Sinha @ TechInitio

    Wow easy and lightweight remote access help. Very useful for people that like to write but do not have a great education on computers. There are lots of them, believe me.
    Thanks for letting me know that a site like this exists.

  • Shikha Singh

    I never thought that there would be many easy ways to join on free screen online. I would definitely don’t want to miss this.

  • Agoston Sarlos

    Can anybody tell me how to load the sound for the other parties in the room? Our viewers saw my screen but could not hear a word from what I was saying. It is very unfortunate that the program does not load the sound for our non-English speaking guests when they enter the webinar room. It causes a lot of confusion and ruins the image of our, otherwise awesome Jubirev profit share business. Thanks for your assistance.

  • Shaun Marsh

    Hey. I have used and it is very good. I have also used WebEx, gomeetnow gotomeeting etc. online meeting software’s and they are good too. Additionally, one can even deploy on premise online meeting appliance such as RHUB appliances in order to have good quality web meeting experience, perform annotations, whiteboards, online meetings etc.